Eat Local, Support Local

Eat Local, Support Local

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We are featuring locally owned restaurants. Enter your delivery address and any locally owned restaurants working with Cloud Foodz will appear in your search. All online orders placed on cloud foodz are for take out and pick up order unless the restaurant offers delivery. The menus items on the right are from a locally owned meal prep company called All Meal Prep. You may order food for take out on

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The benefits of buying from us

The benefit of ordering from Cloud Foodz vs other 3rd party companies is Cloud Foodz gives MORE back to locally owned restaurants. The founder of Cloud Foodz has a culinary background and understands the thin profit margins in the food business. By using our online platform you can help support your favorite locally owned restaurants.

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What they say?

“Cloud Foodz helped me find a local business to support vs the large 3rd party companies that don’t give as much back to the restaurants. The restaurant seemed very happy when I picked up my order vs when I’ve used other platforms.”

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